Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries

Operations for kids, not something one thinks about on a daily basis… until you have to go through it. What an eye opener this last few months has been, worry, stress and most of all fear. Now I am not one to preach about how horrific something is going to be as there are people out there that are a million times worse off than us! in fact were not in a difficult situation at all and I am not trying to portray that as at the end of the day the operation Erin is having is neither life threatening nor long term. In fact its just one measly day in hospital, people i know are going through worse so why am I whinging… i know i shouldn’t be and I am sorry to those reading this who are in worse situations. There is always a BUT.. this but is that i can’t help the worry that i am going through over my baby girl, i can’t help waking in the night with cold sweats when I dream about it, and i can’t help that my body comes out in lumps and rashes as a result.. but quite frankly I am scared. I can’t pinpoint what i am scared about and people will tell me it will be ok and she will be ok. I know this, but my mind won’t stop thinking through every ‘what if’ scenario with a fine tooth comb! So many questions go through your head… what do you tell a 3 year old.. do you say that when she comes round from her first ever operation she won’t be able to see for a while?! do you give her the option of cannula or Gas!? what is the best way? is there a best way? All i know that at 7.30am on monday 28th September i will want to bawl like a baby for my baby girl and her Squint operation. I don’t want to see her in pain but it will be worth it and i know it will i just need to remain calm and be there for her! but I can’t help asking all of these questions. If anyone has any pearls of wisdom for me and some handy things for toddlers having operations let me know. love a worried Mummy x