Christmas A***hole syndrome…queue the threats!

Christmas….No matter who you are as a parent unless your child is golden… queue the perfect mums judging me! Your child becomes the devil from December 1st… yep it’s a real thing- Christmas A***hole Syndrome. I haven’t had the name officially confirmed with doctors but it’s got to be a real thing surely!!

Erin has been a monkey at until the Elf on the Shelf and Santa threats were being thrown around as much as normal “hellos”. Why do kids do it?! They know this is the time to behave as Santa is watching but noooo… the devil inside comes out!

In the last two weeks I have had a letter from Erin’s teacher regarding flashing her pants in the front row of the school play rehearsals! ? there’s me wanting to crawl inside myself and she’s wondering what all the fuss is about!! This was followed by Erin not doing anything I asked for a week and generally being disobedient!

I will note that since Monday this week she has completely changed and even made her bed for me this morning (I am going to check she hasn’t been cloned!!!)

Please tell me your kids are the same and it’s not just Erin who has this magical disease?!

Doesn’t she look angelic?! (Pictures lie!!)