What have I let myself in for?!

Christmas Day Erin and I were brought a lovely present off my auntie and mum to go to see Mary Poppins at the Theatre in April- Mary Poppins was one of my favourites as a child, but I was dubious that Erin would sit through it as she had never seen the film. This is where my challenge began… I firstly started playing songs from Mary Poppins on Spotify to Erin in the car and she picked them up quickly and started to enjoy them.

I then rented the film on sky… She sat through the first half but got bored.. 🙁
I continued to play the songs in the car and she asked to watch it again. This time she sat through the whole thing! Yay! 
This is where I caused myself issues…I played the songs and watched the film so much that when I told her we were going to see the play, she asked me to wear a Mary Poppins outfit!!!!!
This was fine I asked her which outfit and she confirmed “the jolly holiday” outfit.
Not only had she asked me but had also asked my mum! 
I googled and went on eBay expecting to find something… It appears it doesn’t exist!!! ARGHHHH
This got me thinking I’m going to have to make her one!! She was adamant she wanted to go to the play in one! So my challenge in the next 3 weeks is to make a full Mary Poppins outfit!!! 
I am not very creative and this is a big step! Tonight I have ordered all the bits and pieces I need off eBay to attempt the outfit- wish me luck I’m going to need it!!! I will update when it’s been made!!! ?