J’aime Les Français! After school clubs for kids! 

Erin started school in September and I was determined to ensure she never had to go to after school club or breakfast club as she had been pulled from every direction as a young child with my working hours and sharing her with her dad.

I changed my working hours to 9.30-3pm and I was able to drop Erin off and collect her every day. This was perfect Erin loves seeing the same face every day and I ensure that it’s a great routine for her.

Half way through the first term we had a letter to say that Erin was able to do an after school French class if she wanted to. Erin was really excited for this as her friend was also joining so I thought why not. When I was in secondary school if I had known French previously I’m pretty sure my GCSE’s would have been a whole lot easier.

Erin attends Lingotots who are an outside company who go to school. So on a Thursday for £33 every 6 weeks Erin gets snack and an hours French lesson. I think it’s pretty good value for money. If you are looking for French lessons in your area head to: French Lessons in Wolverhampton and search for your town! Simple as that.

I am really glad I made the decision for Erin to go as although I was dubious about a change in her routine, she is now able to sing the whole of twinkle twinkle little star in French! I did a whole GCSE in French and I can’t do that!!

I am hoping that French manages to give Erin a sturdy background in language before she has to tackle her exams (let’s hope she doesn’t pick German!!) and it can also be perfect for summer holidays on the French coast!

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