What happens when the technology breaks?!

Yesterday something rather unreal happened to me… Both myself and my friend Hannah had full shopping trollies in Asda- we had been shopping for her son’s 3rd birthday party and I had done a normal shop including all the Easter treats we needed and eggs for friends and family. 

We completed our shop and overheard someone say to a member of staff the tills have crashed… Good luck with that!
So we ambled towards the tills and stood in line… What occurred next was like some form of severe attack had happened… Crowds formed.. Tannoy announcements apologised for the wait… People abandoned full trollies and baskets and staff clambered to muster points to discuss hard and cold tactics!
We watched on in disbelief.. Once there was a time when technology didn’t occur   and tapping numbers into a till was effectively an art! Now computers do it all for us- and to see the panic and the bewilderment when this technology is taken away is unreal! 
The plan they took was to grab calculators and only take card payments on the old style swipe machines that print on triplicate paper and exact cash!
When I got to my turn I was shocked to see that Asda employees were literally making up prices for stuff they didn’t know! I told her all the items I knew the price of and the rest she looked at me and said shall we say 50p each?! I was like yeah ok.
All they were attempting to do is get people out of the store as quickly as possible- one woman said in her twenty years of working in the store she had never known of such an issue! 
When we went out of the store cars were being stopped on entry and everyone was being held outside it was literally mesmerising!
When Hannah and I got home as an interesting exercise we got online and totalled up our shopping off the Asda website and the most shocking of it all was Asda let us walk away with literally half price shopping!!!! Hannah should have paid £78.75 and she paid £42 and I should have paid £33.67 and I paid £14.50! Great bargain but the amount of money the Asda store has lost today would have been unbelievable! 
Should we go back to a simpler time and not rely on technology as much as we do as ultimately something is always going to go wrong at some point and back up options aren’t there anymore! What do you think?