The parent divide… Elf on the shelf! 

Last year I got on the elf on the shelf bandwagon! It was not something I had thought about but was offered the chance to review one.

The Divide-

This year I have seen a huge divide between parents who do Elf on the Shelf and parents who don’t. I don’t take the whole thing to levels of imaginative poses but do enjoy moving the cheeky Elves around the house.

One thing I have also noticed is for the first December ever… Erin has been good!!!!!!!! This alone makes me want to keep the elf on the shelf tradition alive! I actually can’t believe how much of an effect it has had on her behaviour.

The other thing I love about those cheeky Elves is the excitement Erin has every morning looking around for them and seeing what they have got up to. I know a lot of parents have shared every picture on social media which annoyed some people but it really doesn’t bother me! I have shared a few too.

The biggest thing I have seen is how much some people hate the tradition! Do you hate or love the concept?