Want glossy hair, soft skin? Yes so did I!!!! 

When we moved to our house I was very excited to find that the house was fitted with a water softener. What is one of these I hear you ask?! Great question I don’t actually know. The water in our taps is now “soft water” apart from our utility just incase Children under 9 months are here… apparently?! The box that is in my utility is full of round balls of salt. It’s very odd and it’s on constantly.

So I looked into soft water and the internet told me I was going to have luxurious soft glossy hair, an amazing complexion and soft skin! I was extremely excited. The internet where I found out about the baby thing too.. apparently kids under 9 months can’t drink soft water?! Maybe that’s why people don’t drink it abroad? God knows!!! Anyway when we moved in I had my first bath. What an experience it was. I feel like a whale that’s flapping about in washing powder. Yes washing powder… you know when you hand wash clothes and you have that weird film on your hands?! I went with it and washed my hair. For a start it never feels clean, it’s like I have left conditioner in it constantly.

So I dry my hair and granted it feels soft and smooth… wow I could get used to this!! Until day two… where my hair feels full of grease. Why on earth is this happening?! Is it because my hairs not used to it or what? I used to wash my hair every 3 days as it was so dry! Literally it’s a double edged sword- smooth greasy hair or wired dry hair stays cleaner a little longer hair?!

Now onto my body… my skin is still like rhino skin and my hands feel dry…yet soft. Yes wtf is that all about? I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or it’s because it’s artificial soft water but I literally fall in and out of love with it daily. Apparently the silver lining is that there won’t be a lot of limescale and the washing machine will last for years but really has anyone else experienced these very odd machines?!