The Mummy Tag- an insight to me as a mum!

Thank you to for tagging me in ‘The mummy Tag’ we have enjoyed getting to know you and hopefully you will learn a little about us now.

Are you a stay at home or working mum?

Since I went back after maternity leave I have had the best of both worlds have have been able to work 3 days a week- 1 short day and two long days when Erin goes to her dads. I have had Tuesdays and Fridays off and managed to spend some quality time with Erin getting a great work life balance.  This is all about to change as Erin goes to school in September and I am doing 5 days a week school hours so I am able to see her every day.

Would you have it any other way?

In an ideal world yes I would not work at all and be able to play princesses and bake, but I think work gives you a healthy mind and sometimes a bit of a break! Especially when you are surrounded by screaming kids all day!!

Do you Co-Sleep?

I love sleep and when Erin was little she had such bad reflux and colic that I ended up sleeping in the cot with her!!! this was my final straw and I had to make the decision to get some of my sanity back and sleep trained her (queue up with your hot pokers and child cruelty banners) but my word it worked amazingly and since then has slept all night every night in her own bed and been a fab little sleeper going 6.30-7.15 on Monday!!

My New-born must have?

There are so many things that I think are a must have but for colicky and sickly reflux babies like mine I would suggest lots of bibs and a decent anti colic bottle such as the Nuby 360.

How many Children do you plan on having? 

I plan on having one more baby but as Erin was IVF I would need to have IVF again and at £7000 it needs to be a well thought out process and isn’t as simple as just wanting another baby.

Date Night- How Often?

We are lucky in some aspects that Erin’s dad has her on a Wednesday and Thursday night and a Sunday all day and night so we are able to go out most weeks and do something nice for date night- I would rather forfeit this and have my baby girl with me!

What’s your child’s favourite movie/TV show?

Erin is currently obsessed with Disney’s Descendants! I was dubious at first but if you like High School Musical and Disney Princesses this film is for you!!

One thing I brought when Erin was New born and didn’t use?

One thing I brought and never used was a nappy bin… I mean what was I thinking- what’s the matter with a normal bin?!!

Child’s favourite food?

If Erin got her own way she would eat sausage and chips for the rest of her life but shes really good at trying new flavours such as lobster, courghetti, veal and flavoured popcorns!

How many cars does your family have?

I have a Ford Fiesta and Matthew has a Mercedes CLA both are white in colour and are really spacious considering the types of cars they are! Matt’s car can even fit two pushchairs and some golf clubs.

Weight Gain before and after pregnancy?

I was a very small 7 stone before I was pregnant and I put on a stone when I had IVF. When Pregnant I went to 11 and a half stone but ate absolute rubbish!!!! I am only just now getting down to a normal weight that I am nearly happy with but have lopsided fat!!!

Dream Family holiday?

Luckily for us we went on our dream family holiday to Disney world in January which was for 11 days and then a Disney cruise for 3 days. It was fantastic.

Dream holiday without children?

Well….Erin’s dad is taking her away in August and we are heading the Meeru in the Maldives for 6 days- my dream come true!

How has life changed since having children?

It’s become a lot messier! But I would never be without my baby girl she makes me smile every day

Where do you shop for kids?

I love Joules for kids clothes! They are gorgeous but I tend to shop anywhere that catches my eye!

It makes my heart melt when……

Erin says mum your my best friend…. I love you!

Favourite Make up?

Bare minerals all the way! light and airey and feels like I have nothing on and makes my skin look flawless!

Huggie’s or Johnson’s wipes?

Huggies I love them!! my friend and I constantly have arguments that she hates Huggie’s wipes as they tear- but I’m still a massive fan although the new Johnson’s are good!

Have you always wanted children?

Literally since I can remember I have wanted children and I always said I wouldn’t be able to because how much I wanted them! strange that it came true!!

The best thing about being a mum?

The whole experience- highs and lows, princesses and tantrums!!

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