Dear Mum…. Thank you

Dear Mum,

Firstly Happy mother’s day for yesterday. This letter is here to say all the things I don’t spend all year saying but I really should.

I look at you and think your pretty amazing. You always used to ask did I want you to be a mum that painted her nails and went to school events? ( I have just realised I am this kind of mum!!!) At the time I didn’t know what I wanted, but I am sure glad you didn’t and instead you are you. The fun mum who ended up coming out with me when I was 18 and getting dirty burgers in a taxi on the way home! Here are some things that make me really proud to say you are my mum.

You have the strength of an Ox and the work ethic of a machine, never in my life have I known anyone work as hard as you. You put everything into the business you have and for that I am proud that you are still pushing and doing the hours you do! (especially at your age!! HA!- you didn’t think we would go through this without some cheek, did you!?). Your strength is phenomenal and that’s what taught me that I can do things on my own and I don’t need someone there all the time.

This year you got Sepsis. As always you carried on and said you were alright and it would pass. I knew something was really up when you didn’t go to work. After a week of battling on- your strength is ridiculous. That night I went to the hospital with you and actually thought at points I was going to lose you. Thankfully when you told Matt he shouldn’t be wearing his top because you had ironed it I held onto hope. I will admit I was scared. Scared because I thought I would lose one of my best friends. I speak to you most days and literally don’t know what I would do without you.

You are the only one who really understands- when I call you and cry down the phone you understand, it may not be fixable but you try. You would help me if ever I needed it and have done in the past. For that I want to thank you. I want to thank you for everything you have done with Erin.

I wouldn’t change anything about you because you are you, and I think without a sarcastic comment or telling me I shouldn’t ring you unless I’m bleeding to death whilst you are at work. Would just unnerve me. We have our rows but I am proud of you and wanted to thank you for being you.  Love you loads

Love your baby girl…. Faye- (Faygin, Chunk, Fayesey) xxx