Nursery, School moves… any tips?

Nursery, School moves… any tips?

In July Erin finished her 1st tier primary school and Edith will be 2.5years old, this September the girls are heading for pastures new and attending nursery and a new primary school.

I hate the 3 tier primary system of first, middle and high schools it’s a lot of change and there is a very small minority of places who now use this system so it’s alien especially to me who wasn’t in that system as a child.

This will mean both girls are attending the same school for two years. It’s all so new and I HATE change! My backs been hurting for the last 3 weeks as I’m stressing about them going and I just don’t know why! I know both of them will be fine. Erin was able to go to her new school in July for two days as her they are really accommodating we just had to isolate for two days before heading back to her school bubble.

All of Erins friends from her old school are heading to middle school but we are going to ensure she keeps seeing them and she still goes to brownies and football with them which is great. I really hope she loves it and enjoys her new school they are fantastic so far and she seems really happy to go!

Edith on the other hand half the time tells me she’s excited for nursery and then occasionally just says “mummy I’m not going to nursery” it’s going to be a huge step for me as it’s just been me and her but I genuinely think she needs this time in a more challenging environment than I can give her, we will still do all our lovely groups as she’s only going for two afternoons a week, I’m just hoping and praying it goes well and she doesn’t worry!

It’s so hard when she’s so little but I definitely think that nursery will be the making of her! She’s 3 in January and all she wants to do is run around all day and to learn so fingers crossed this will give her the outlet she needs.

So both of my girls are moving and I’m stressing! Do you have any tips to make it any easier? Are there any things I need to know?