Bring on Tuesday-I can’t wait!!!!!

It’s Sunday night. One more full day then school. In all honesty I thought this weekend would be much better. It turns out it was pretty shit.

Friday night Erin got home from her holiday with her dad. Being away for a week always gives her a stinking attitude and a lack of being able to do anything first time. I think it’s the change in routine and being shattered.

Anyway Saturday morning we wake up, we have plans. It starts with putting Erin’s trainers on…. balls, they don’t fit… they fit a week ago?! Queue the realisation that if they don’t fit neither will her school ones, or her school pumps… or her ballet pumps, tap shoes and ballet shoes.

I try on her polo shirts… I can only keep the two new ones. Oh heck. We need to go shopping. Cancel all Saturday plans and head to the shops, get most of the stuff we need except she keeps telling me she needs new hat scarf and gloves and umbrella as hers broke on the Last Day of Term and we walk to school. End of Saturday morning and I’m stoney broke. The rest of the day is ok except Erin’s deteriorating behaviour and the fact Matts on a stag do and flying solo for the first time whilst pregnant in a while is taking its toll… especially when you see pics of glorious sun and a chateau in France!

Sunday morning, things are ok… we get out clean and done and head to my cousins, only 15 mins late!

By mid afternoon i have had to tell “Miss i won’t do anything first time” a lot- bored of my own voice.

We get home ready for my before school admin. My cousin pops over to collect a chair and Erin’s playing outside, and I tell her twice not to bring her bike down by my car… (my brand new car!!!!!) I tell her to bring her bike in now as the cars as moving…. I turn around hear a scratch and see a white mark across my black paint.. GREAT.

I lose my mind at her and send her to her room for yet again not listening. Sort out the stuff in the garage and come in. Start explaining that it’s not a scratch that will come out but a permanent one. I want to hormonally burst into tears! I haven’t even had the car a month yet!!!

Anyway we get over it and I make dinner. Nothing has gone to plan and we eat. She’s yet again not listening so I have just put her to bed and had the “word” of we’re going back to school Tuesday which means we start we the rules tomorrow. The rules mean they need to be LISTENED to.

So all in all I can’t wait for some routine to be put back into our lives for both Erin and I. I will have shorter journeys to work and hopefully the routine of things will help everyone. I wanted this weekend to be a magical reunion instead it’s been pretty pants. Can you hope for a better week for me?!