It’s ONLY 6.44am..

It’s 6.44am… I have already had to send Erin to her room. 

Saturday night I battled with my own thoughts and took her out past her bedtime. I knew it was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have done it. It’s left me with 4 days of hell so far.

Monday-was put on the “sad square” in school- came home from school hyperactive as hell to combat her tiredness did the opposite of EVERYTHING I asked. Went in time out didn’t seem to care.

Tuesday- pushed me to the edge in the car… we ended up turning around from the supermarket to go home with Erin in tears! Not listening and generally acting like she was hormonal.

Wednesday- that’s today. Not listening trying to get her own way with Matt as I’m not downstairs- he’s doing his best but sweet talking doesn’t work. I get enraged from what I can hear and send her to bed. And guess what she’s asleep- she’s asleep because she’s shattered and it’s my fault.

People always say to me she will be ok if she’s out for an hour or two extra. No she’s not! And remind me next time I think it’s a lovely idea to read this post!!!! Parenting when you have more than two people who discipline your kids is hard… VERY hard. No one does it the same and Erin of all people knows how to get round the person who she’s dealing with!!! Sometimes it’s rubbish as I feel like I’m disciplining her on my own and that no one else is there to back up my discipline but they just don’t get it! I can see past her behaviour because I’m her mum. I know why she’s doing it because she’s tired. But that doesn’t mean I can let her off with these behaviours she would end up being a little menace if that was the case. 

I’m praying she gets back into your good habits again she is such a good girl 80% of the time but when she’s naughty she’s draining. I know it’s only temporary but I’m the swing of things you never think it will be.