Back to Basics

I have always had a terrible bad back and working in an office makes the situation so much worse. Especially as I sit slouching and don’t sit up straight.When i was asked to review the Sittingwell Back cushion I jumped at the chance.

The Sittingwell® cushion offers a unique combination of firm support and the softness of being able to sit on the sofa. It is a back support cushion that supports your spine but can also be slipped into a standard 45cm square cushion cover of your choice to ensure it blends with the rest of your furniture!

The cushion is not only practical to use on sofa’s but for office chairs, dining room chairs or anything with a back that you sit on! The cushion is made of a memory foam panel and a duck feather covering.

I used this in the office and the first day I used it my back was in so much pain… I realised it was my spine realigning to where it was supposed to be! I was so so shocked at how bad my posture was when I sat every day in the office and that I needed to do something about it. I have used the cushion every day in the office and the difference I have seen in not posture and the pain I have on a daily basis is unbelievable! 
I am so thankful to this bit of kit that looks not looks like it fits in with the decor but also has saved me so much money in chiropractor appointments!