6 month update! Edie woo!

Our baby girl is 6 months… yep she’s actually nearly 7 months old but let’s focus on the first six!how scary is that?!

Since she’s been born we have had ups and downs… for the first few weeks she had reflux but this was rapidly fixed by having her tongue tie cut?! Who knew! We were unsure if we were going to get it cut or not due to the fact she was feeding ok and the unnecessary pain it would cause- but when our doctor saw it she said it was severe and we should get it done. It was really simple and I have decided they just give you all the bad news about it to make sure they have covered all bases! Since then her reflux was fixed!

At 3 months old we took her on her first holiday to Dubai and had an amazing time! She was good as gold and we bought a great item that I will include in another post that kept her out of the sun!! Only thing that went a little wrong was we returned home and Edith decided she no longer wanted milk… we went from 5oz every 3 hours to 2oz if we were lucky!!!

At a week before 4 months I took her to the health visitor and was petrified to tell her I had been giving her porridge! She was LOVELY and asked if I had a spare two hours every 3 hours to spend trying to ram it down her neck!!!? if I hadn’t I should go home and feed her 3 meals a day! Since then she has been fully weaned on 3 meals a day and LOVES her food!!!

Edith was also christened at 3 months and we had such a lovely day celebrating with all our family and friends even though it poured down with rain!!!!

In April we went to Devon on a little holiday but nothing hugely monumental happened!

May came along and Edith joined us in Florida to get married in secret!! She knew about the secret all along as she got my wedding dress with me! Ha!!

At 5 months she was able to sit up! And has been into everything ever since! I also took her dummy away at 5 months due to the fact she started using it as a sleep aid- and one night I must have got up 50 times to put it back in!!

She has also graduated to the car seat that stays in the car… changed bath seats.. is able to hold her own bottle and this week has learnt to crawl! We still haven’t got any teeth but lots of dribble!!

If I am honest we have had some royally shit days with Edie where she has screamed ALL day long! She’s demanding and screams if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants in three seconds flat- but she has us all wrapped around her finger!!!! Her smile melts me and she absolutely adores her big sister!!! I am so lucky to have such two amazing girls even if I’m shattered and need more sleep!! HA!!