Can we fix it? yes we can! Bob the builder- Dig This Review

Bob the Builder has been a hit on our screens since 1998! yes that long. How scary is that! I remember when the show came out. The theme tune is always one that sticks in your head too! ‘Can we fix it…yes we can’.

This month there has been a new DVD released called ‘Bob the Builder – Dig This’. Bob and his team are digging the foundations for a new skyscraper (I remember when it was menial garden tasks for friends!). Unfortunately work is halted when Bob comes across some ancient roman ruins.

There are 7 adventures included within the DVD including; Dig This, Saffi’s Tree house, Out of the Woods, Stormy Weather, Bear Mountain, Bentley’s Bones, Home on the range.

Erin and Maisie were so excited to see the what Bob was getting up to in this latest DVD. I was quite surprised how much Bob and his friends had come on since I last watched it the graphics are so much better and he has some great technology. He has really moved with the times. The girls sat perfectly and were absolutely engrossed in the DVD. The DVD runs for 77 mins so a perfect time for little ones to sit and not get too bored.

Erin who is a massive girly girl loves the character Wendy in the program as she makes it more feminine. This definitely insured that it held Erin’s interest. Don’t fear if you have girly girls too.

We have been especially lucky to be able to give a away a copy of the DVD for you to win. Just click on the link below to enter. You can enter daily so check back to be in with a chance to win!

Good Luck in the competition. The competition details are stored within the link. Happy Comping guys!