Getting rid of grey without dying in Lockdown!

When lockdown occurred I had a hairdressers appointment the week after which was obviously cancelled. Following this my friend/hairstylist messaged me saying we have got your hair where you want it! Please don’t box dye it!!!

I have always been someone who can’t stand grey hair peaking out so normally have my colour done every 6 weeks and even then I feel like I am pushing it! So I have found a few tips and tricks for making your hair look great without having to dye it!

Change your parting!

It sounds mental but changing your parting massively helps- my parting is normally just off centre on the right side of my head, during a normal 6 weeks routine I change my parting to the other side as the more oxygen your hair gets the greyer it gets! This time I have changed my parting to 3 different sides!

The key to changing your parting is ensuring when you have had a shower put your parting in whilst your hair is wet and either leave it to dry naturally or blow dry it in place. I will show you some of the examples starting with my original parting and how grey that now looks!

Next is where I moved my parting to for the next few weeks!

I then moved my parting again, again it’s been like this for a few weeks but isn’t horrendously bad!


My next tip is let a hairband become your best friend!! I don’t look grey at all if I hide the middle section with a hairband! I use my least grey parting pull it out a bit at the front and voila! Hardly any grey!!

Lastly I have been given a L’Oréal root touch up spray by a friend as she’s now blonde and it’s pretty good! Simply spray onto your parting and it temporarily covers the grey for the day! I am saving this one for when it gets horrendously bad!!

In fact I am genuinely loving how healthy my hair is feeling as I am putting a lot more care and attention into hair care! I am loving the products I am using, if anyone wants a run through of the products I have been using to keep it in tip top condition let me know!