How To Clean and Remove Limescale From Shower Doors

When we moved into our new house the showers were DISGUSTING. The glass is literally covered in limescale. Now I am fairly OCD when it comes to things like this. I think it stems from my mum being amazing at cleaning glass and showers and expected the same standards when I was growing up. Two bathrooms in the house were my job when I was younger.

Cleaning the shower when we first arrived at the house uncovered more hellish dirt (bright pink hair dye stains on the shower tray). Last week I got to the point that I had tried everything and enough was enough.

Previously I had tried so many things to attempt to remove the dirty limescale marks as they were so bad. The things i had tried were Cilit Bang- normally my go to limescale removing product. There was actual shock when this didn’t work. Pinterest was my only hope- I searched and found Viakal may work. NOPE! I used all bleach sprays and everything nothing was working. Enough was enough. This is the shower without after I had tried all of the above first!

I tried to think of things that i knew were abrasive. So white wine vinegar and lemon came to mind. I got an empty spray bottle and filled it 3/4 of the way. Next I added a few squeezes of lemon and the rest water. Now I knew just this wasn’t going to help so i braved using a Brillo pad to scrub it. (Yes I was praying it didn’t scratch the glass!!!!!)

I sprayed it on and scrubbed with all my might. This is a picture of the first round….

I had to do it again and it does still have marks… but my god there is an improvement. We also use a squidgee to get the water marks off it every time we have showered to save time. I’m hoping that continuing to use this it will get better and better every time. If anyone has any tips that will work amazingly let me know!

The end result-

How to clean and remove limescale from shower doors