Blog On

Keep Calm and Blog On! Calm?! Really!

Last year when I was feeling all brave and hadn’t got 1000 things on Jessica from Beauties and The bibs had a bright idea that we would head to Blog On UK in May and September. Me being me didn’t put a lot of thought into this as it’s a week after Erin’s birthday and then a week after mine. I am mad.

I then read this My First Blog on- why i’m terrified and excited in equal measure from Whinge Whinge Wine  This made me realise how terrified I was!

If you know me as a person you will know I’m rather an anxious badger (Matthew’s name for my anxiety!). Anxiety takes over me about the most ridiculous things that most normal people find stupid. Blog On has raised the anxiety levels on a big scale.

The thoughts that have gone through my mind so far. These are probably pretty ridiculous and I know I need to chill. So feel free to have a laugh at them!

• Meeting a group of my lovely blogging friends that I speak to on a daily basis and them all hating me and thinking I’m a dick in real life. (they then dodge me for the rest of the conference!!! )
• I am going to fall over or drop something down me and look like an idiot. This is not necessarily ridiculous as this will probably happen!!!
• I don’t know what to do or where to go and everyone else knows what’s happening. I know there are newbies there as well as me so why am I stressing!?
• Lastly I woke this morning after having a dream that I got Jess to the conference at 5.30pm when it finished.  (I am always late) My dream consisted of being in a magical world where the cast of the Wizard of Oz chased me down a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. I then went through a Harry Potter type wall that then got me to Bristol.  Mary Poppins then used her umbrella to fly me to Jess’ house where I had forgot the suitcases. I mean really!??!

On the other hand I won’t fall over and no one will hate me. The seminars look amazing and cake, wine and goody bags will obviously make everything better if all else fails.

If anyone has any handy hints or tips that will help me go into the conference with gusto, let me know! I am also taking this suitcase so will probably have the piss taken out of me for this too! ha!!!