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IVF- is it ethical?

IVF is amazing. It’s paid for by the NHS in the U.K. Depending on circumstances. But when it’s not- is it ethical?

I am in several forums for IVF to help in answering any questions people have. When reading some things it concerns me how under the thumb they have people.

I understand that paying for private care gives you the opportunity to tailor treatments. But should this mean you should tailor your treatment at a severe cost? Yes, there’s a cost to everything- but sometimes I feel like there’s a bribery. “This will increase your chances- BUT it’s £800.” Well, you now have no option but to stump up £800!!! That’s surely not ethical?!

It’s not an option. It’s a very clever sales pitch. People are emotionally involved in IVF and I fear that is sometimes taken advantage of.

I recently heard of something called Embryoscope. It’s supposed to be a better environment for embryos. Understandable that it’s a fab thing to have. Again there’s a high cost. No actual research has been developed to state it works any better but it has the capabilities to… where does that leave patients… again stumping up the money for something that’s not guaranteed. Should it not be free until they have results?!

I don’t know the way around this because I know how good IVF is and how amazing things come at a price but I fear that in the modern world everything is coming at a price. Nothing is trialled beforehand as it’s so expensive, but where does that leave the ethics of these kinds of things?

Is IVF ethical?