Sincere Apologies…

When everything is going fantastically well and you’re packing to go away for Easter weekend and you put your trainers and jogging wear in- it’s an accomplishment in itself!! 

As the weekend we were away went on it was a mix of rain and being really busy!! Unfortunately due to this my running items never appeared! 🙁 
I then go into a new week with a positive mental attitude knowing that I will have time to run! I am struck down… The shi*est cold ever! Sore back… No voice… Snot in places you don’t want it and then a blocked up nose the next minute!! 
I was the last person to have the vile illness but it has been dragging me down for a week and this weekend has been a specially trying period of the cold so I’m hoping it will kindly sod off next week! I will promise to reconvene with couch 2 5k and resume all normal activity! The question is how do you continue with couch 2 5k when you have had a break?? Do I start with the week after or do I recondition myself to start again?? Help guys! Comment below if you can help me! Xx