The big Run

Having little ones makes going out hard and as ever I considered to use “I can’t go out I have to play” but I manned up! Matthew got home so I knew I should go on my first run! 

Erin came with me in the pushchair and I dressed her in her Purflo Sleepsac so she was nice and warm and set my Apps including “couch 2 5k” and “map my run”  so I could be encouraged by them. 

On the run you complete a 5 minute warm up, walk for 90 secs and run for 60  secs then a 5 minute warm down taking you to 30 minutes. The first few times it wasn’t so bad.. I’m not going to lie the last 5 times it was hell!!!!! I had to really push to continue to do it! I am trying but my gosh it was hard.
Erin enjoyed being out just before her bed time all nice and snugly in her pushchair (I have the baby jogger city mini- so it’s easy to push on a lot of terrains) 

I managed to run the full 8 minutes and power walk the rest of the 2 miles. Pushing Erin was an extra workout as she’s heavy and some of the terrain was up hill! All in all I am fairly proud of my efforts tonight and will try again in a few days as you have to complete 3 workouts a week with rest days in between- have you tried and completed Couch 2 5k?