Couch to 5K-Week 2! Jeez that was Hard!!

So yesterday I did day one of week two of Couch to 5k. Me being me was all cocky after my last weeks effort ending in an extra run that I didn’t have to do according to the plan!!! 

So off I go straight from work… It’s still light and that’s a major bonus as I don’t have the constant fears of being killed!!!
I do my normal 5 minute warming whilst the voice on the app is telling me that today we are doing 1.30min run and 2 minute walk… Sounds easy hey! that’s what I thought!!!
I start running and the first 45 secs gone well… then it’s like I hit a brick wall of suffocation!! My chest was tight and my lung capacity felt like that of a mouse!! Why was it this hard it was only 30 seconds longer- I didn’t think I would be able to continue but I managed to complete my first run… The walk was amazing to have a little relax!! Ha! 
It was 6 reps and a warm up and warm down I struggled for the first three but I will admit it did get easier! ?? I hope next time will be easier and that I managed to do 1 minute 30 with ease as 5k looks a blinking long way off yet!!! (And puts the fear of God into me!!!) anyone want to let me know it does get better?!?