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Mummy Troubles- When to know if your child is ready to cut nap time?

How do you know when your child’s ready to cut the daily nap time routine?! If only there was some form of handbook for parents…

Since friday Erin has really pushed my buttons when it comes to bed time… Shes still shattered in the day and having a good two hour sleep but when it comes to bedtime we have gone from 6pm to 9pm plus… Why?!
Tonight has been one of those nights where you want to scream in frustration. It’s not her fault… I assume the issue is teething she has her back molars coming through and she complains of the pain, but this is also coupled with a sense of mischief as she uses every excuse in the book for me to come to her room…”‘more milk” “my rooms untidy” “one more story”.
Well tonight she had a little surprise for me…. Went upstairs to her cries and found she had been sick all over her new pyjamas and cream carpet… Great it was already 8pm and she had got out of bed twice before… Im going to attempt to cut her nap tomorrow as she has her first day at nursery on wednesday so ideally i want her to have a good nights sleep! Wish me luck guys… I’m going to need it!!
Erin in her new pjs before we had the incident to deal with!!!