The reality of “hotel parenting”

Many times we have stayed in a hotel with Erin. The realities of it are far from what I remember being in a hotel was like.

BC (Before Child) was a the exciting, relaxing, not having to clean thrill that was staying in a hotel room. Sleep was always going to be epic when your head hit your squishy pillow and there wasn’t a care in the world. People who are BC never think about anything else either (I remember the fun of running through corridors having fun!). Luckily when you feel like you have been ripped off paying full price for a hotel room with a child- because lets face it paying for luxury when you don’t use it isn’t fun. It is now easier to get the latest discounts at your favourite hotels with Groupon for lovely hotels- no matter what your night is like!

Staying with a child in a hotel is a completely different kettle of fish. Here are a few things that will occur:

  1. You will put your child to bed and be locked in a bathroom or the pitch black until they drop off to sleep.
  2. Inevitably if you haven’t eaten you will eat in the toilet… YUM!!
  3. Noise…. every noise the room makes… doors… creaky floors. And god forbid anyone has fun outside your room! You become stealth and start looking like a ninja as you get into bed.
  4. You will have to take a large suitcase for 2 days away… including all those essentials like grow clocks, teddies, snacks, DVD players… the kitchen sink (that’s for a 5yr old don’t get me started on the crap you take for a baby!!)
  5. Sleep… forget it!!! You will spend all night stirring to whatever noise or movement your child does!

With all this in mind when you return from your “relaxing” time away you need to smash through the tonne of washing and unpacking the kitchen sink. This ends up with a more than usual knackered parent! Trying to attempt to get back into a sleep pattern is a challenge but I have teamed up with Nytol to get you back into a restful routine.

The aids to a perfect sleep are:

  • A sleep mask- perfect for keeping out any blue light from devices if your other half isn’t ready to go to bed yet!
  • Anti snoring throat spray for your other half! If your partner is anything like mine snoring keeps me awake!! Kill it with this spray! It works wonders!
  • Nytol Simply sleep aids- perfect for worriers who need a little help getting to sleep
  • Wake up light- the perfect start to your morning- the light wakes you the same way the sunrise would but at the time you want it to.

They suggest a 30 minute wind down.

  • 30 mins before bed- complete any final tasks for the day.
  • 25 mins-reduce your exposure to blue light. So put those phones, tablets and computers down!
  • 20 mins-brush your teeth and remove any make up, so you don’t feel alert.
  • 15 mins- take a 5 min hot shower- this relaxes you and warms up your body ready for sleep
  • 10 mins- Go for a wee!
  • 5 mins- bed means sleep! Get into it with that purpose and #SayGoodNytol