It’s gone… where’s my Christmas mojo??

Can everyone keep an eye out for my Christmas mojo? It’s gone… no tell a lie it hasn’t gone it’s changed. Changed from excitement and joy to fear and pressure!!

Normally I am the most festive person around… this year I feel like I have got so much to do and it’s making me feel sick!!!!

Wrapping, card writing, delivering the works! I haven’t even brought my cards!!!!! Help!!
Just to top it off tonight Erin told me that she wants to be with me the whole of Christmas Day- without screaming I want to be with you too and crying my eyes out I had to explain Santa would have gone to daddy’s too and he wanted to spend half of Christmas with her.

Typically knowing Erin went in one ear and out the other as she asked me again two minutes later!!! I mean come on kiddo I can’t cope with the question twice in one night!!! My poor bubba 🙁
Anyway I just needed to get it out that my mojo is well and truly caput! Luckily I look ever so festive on Vlogmas.. although I tipped myself over the edge tonight when I deleted Day 7!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!

If anyone feels sorry for me enough to come and keep me company whilst I wrap a shed load of presents your welcome too and of course get us drunk in the meantime!!
Much love and Christmas wishes (mainly wishing I get Christmas back!!!)

Faye x