Sweet Dreams with Lolly In Sweetie Land

Who doesn’t love sweeties? Especially this close to Christmas! My daughter is sweetie-mad; this is the perfect book for her! The book ‘Lolly in Sweetie Land’ is written in rhyme and has 28 pages of beautiful illustration. The magical story is about a little girl called Lolly who loves all things sweet. One day, Lolly makes a special wish. She finds herself in a land where everything is made of sweets and chocolate… a land where rainbow-coloured fairies fly, bubble-gum trees grow and chocolate rivers flow. On her magical journey, Lolly even meets the candy monster. But he isn’t as nice as he looks and all the fairies don’t like him. It’s up to Lolly to find out why.

When Erin and I had the book she was instantaneously drawn to the pictures and knew what the book was about. At the age of 3 Erin loves everything brightly coloured and sweets are a big part of what she wants as a treat- this book was great as she imagined herself in a sweetie world and what she would do if she lived in a place with chocolate rivers. We read the book and were able to keep her attention the whole way through. We then discussed and she loved putting herself in the position of Lolly and thinking what she would be and how she would react if she was in the book. I really liked this about the book as it was great for Erin to use it as a format for role play.

The book isn’t too complex in text and would really help with little ones learning to read. The story is whimsical and definitely lets the imagination flow for both Erin and Myself which brought fun to the story and was able to make it exciting for her as well as showing her the word formations. Susie Davids has made several other stories which follow the same format and are great for young minds which are all available at Amazon; ’Lolly in Sweetie Land’ retails at £6.03 which is a good price for a great little book.