WIN- OYSTER Eye Cream! 

When you have children your eyes need looking after!! Not only do you use them with the new found super powers which means you see everything! But you will be shattered. Even if your kid is a good sleep trust me you will be tired.

I am one of the lucky ones! Erin’s a good sleeper! Yes she wakes early but she does everything her self and entertains herself until I wake up. My eyes still look like they are carrying three tonnes of sand around in them!

Luckily I have been sent OYSTER skincare’s Eye Serum. I am not one for potions and lotions but I will use a standard moisturiser. The serum comes in a 30ml pump action tube and you only literally need half a pump. I put it on a night after my moisturiser as it can be sticky. Some days I chuck it on before I brush my teeth and that enables it to dry enough to put my make up on. 

The serum which is made In England is an Anti ageing eye serum specifically for dark circles and puffiness.  The serum contains Matrixyl 3000 Featured in the DAILY MAIL as a “WONDER INGREDIENT” – Also Hyaluronic Acid, Q10, Vitamin B3, Green Tea & Essential Oils.

It smells nice and has definitely brightened my under eye area. Fingers crossed it is also keeping those crows feet at bay!! You can buy the serum at Amazon for £20.00 or you have the chance to WIN it here: