Rag Rolling- Damage Free Curls

am always one of those girls who straightens, curls and generally doesn’t look after my hair until it gets to the point of growing it really long and having to chop it all off as its in terrible condition!
After this happened last time I decided I would try and look after my hair a bit more! I no longer blow dry my hair if I can help it and rarely straighten it- but it always looks so dull…
I decided I wanted to curl it so I did my research and looked at Rag rolling there was a girl at school who had her hair done when she was little and it was gorgeous!! Here is how and the results were surprisingly good-
First you need a piece of material, I used an old cotton vest of Erins and cut it into long inch thick strips-they don’t have to be neat!! As u can see!

In total I had 15 strips. I put them to the end of my hair and rolled them up to my scalp, if you don’t want the top section of your hair curly only go to where you want the curls to sit and then tie a knot in the rag. I did this all over and spritzed with hairspray. 

Yes I do look like an idiot!! But all in the name of nice hair!! 
As I didn’t want it to come loose whilst I slept I put a scarf around my hair and slept on that.

When I woke the next day I undid the curls ran my fingers through them and clipped my hair half up- if you want thicker curls use more hair and if you want thinner curls use less hair in each rag, all in all I think the result was quite good for about 5 minutes effort!