The Body Shop’s New secret.. Revealed!

Ladies.. Do you want to know a secret?? You know that spa day relaxation that we do once a year if we are lucky?! Well we can now do it in our own home.. For little cost and within 15 minutes!! 

The Body Shops new launch of there “Spa of the world” products that promotes “ecaspism starts at home” was like liquid gold to me! I am a busy mum who works and has a demanding little diva of a 3 year old- the thought of a spa is a distant memory and the idea of spending hours a night preening is what I dream of! 

So when the lovely ladies at The Body Shop in the Bullring, Birmingham invited me to there new product launch my excitement was uncontainable!
I got to the shop once the rest of the Bullring had closed and was met by the store Manager Elaine who was fabulous, she was really passionate about the launch and so were the other members of staff, some of whom had come from other stores to help out on the night.
Elaine talks us through the new products and we were then given a one to one with a member of staff. 
The wonderful Joanna from the Rugby store gave me a personalised plan and showed me that you can combine the three rituals on offer as they all have complimenting scents. I was shown how to work the products into your muscles in a circular motion to give the sense of a home spa, it was surprising how much it relaxed you even though at times I was doing parts myself. I was promised the whole thing can be done in 15 minutes or longer if you desire.
The Products
There are three rituals- the Revitalising ritual, the Relaxing ritual and the Blissful ritual.

All of the products are made with flower extracts including Orchid and are sourced from all over the world including the Dead Sea.
My personalised plan used four products with a mixture of the rituals. The first one was the Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath- this is used by putting five scoops (which is provided into a warm bath which you can then relax in for 15 minutes or longer. The result leaves your skin feeling soft and silky, unfortunately in the UK we have hard water and the milk softens the water and stops the harsh chemicals penetrating our skin. I love this product and was able to use some at home for the first time tonight and my body feels amazing even after the first use.
The next product that Joanna used was Dead Sea Salt Scrub- this not only smells delectable but works really well on getting your dead surface skin off without being harsh. You put a small amount in your hand as a little goes a long way and rub in circular motions across your body to increase blood flow and removed the dead skin cells.
The third product was the Polynesian Monoi beauty oil, not only are you able to use this product on your body as a massaging dry oil but also in the ends of your hair! As it is a dry oil there is no problems with having to sit around all greased up awaiting the oil to dry, and the fact it has a dual purpose and smells so fabulous is a win win for me! 
The last product we used was the Hawaiian Kukui Cream, this smells phenomenal! If you close your eyes you could be sat on a beach lapping up the waves, unfortunately back to reality..!this product is fabulous the cream is more like a body butter and again a little goes a long way you are able to use this after the oil and it still sinks in making your skin feel soft and smooth.

All of the products on offer were great I had a look at them all and the smells were to die for! The price list for the new rituals is pictured below- I don’t think any are over priced for the quantity you are given and with the “love your Body” beauty card you get rewards and points which total to vouchers and if you sign up before 31st August you can win a Years worth of Massages and it’s free to join!!! What more could you ask for?!
Have any of you tried the new range or fancy giving it a go??  leave a comment and let me know! 
NB. I was gifted these products in return for an honest review and all opinions and pictures are my own.