Ladies… I found out a huge revelation…in life and clothing today!

Yesterday I got home and did the thing that everyone loves… took off my bra. Before i took it off i looked at myself in the mirror in disgust. The elastic in my bra had gone, it was ill fitting and i realised i brought it years ago.

I can hear you all saying… your point is?! your a tramp and need new clothes! Well It occurred to me that actually as my underwear isn’t seen by anyone other than me and Matt (poor bloke) I don’t take a lot of care over it. If my clothes didn’t fit like that surely I would change the size?!

My hands have gone up and I admit that I have never had a bra fitting. I was wearing a 32B and thought this was ok. So yesterday I decided to put a plan into action to overhaul my underwear drawer. I looked at the best places online to have a bra fitting. Marks and Spencer’s came up as the best. I booked my appointment for my lunch break at work.

Not knowing what to expect I was a bit nervous. The lady was very friendly and I had to take my top off. She measured my back under my bra and confirmed it was correct= 32. Bonus I am in the correct size! She asked me what size I wore now and she went up one size and collected some bras for me to try. This went on for a few attempts until we found the perfect fit. I was wearing a bra 3 sizes too small!!!!!!! I never in thought for one minute i was more than one size wrong!!

As I was stood in shock i brought two new bras setting me back £39! I normally buy my bras at primark but i thought quality was better than quantity. (but my god bras are expensive!!!)

There were a few things that i have learnt from my bra fitting;

  • 75% of the female population are wearing the wrong size bra
  • when you buy a bra put the straps on the middle clasp as you can make it tighter when you wash it a few times
  • To tighten your shoulder straps go tight but you should still be able to put two fingers underneath it.
  • If you wear a padded bra you should always go up another size on top
  • You should have a bra fitting every 6 months


When I got home I have sorted my underwear wardrobe and for the first time in my life i feel like an adult!!! I would genuinely advise everyone to go and get measured as it was definitely worth the time- i feel much comfier!