Princess dough recipe

Princess Dough- Sensory activities

As we are lucky enough to spend full days together Erin and I like to make the most of it with a day out or something fun- but most of all I like them to be educational activities too.

Last week we decided to make “Princess Dough” it has a creamy texture similar to playdoh but also moved similar to sand. It is simple to make and is easy to clean up!

The recipe-
All you need is a bowl, coloured cheap hair conditioner, cornflour, glitter and colour if you desire.

First pour 2.5 cups of cornflour into the bowl and then pour one cup of conditioner on top. We used raspberry smelling conditioner that was also pink so we didn’t need to do as much colouring at the end.

Mix together until it makes a paste and then add your colour and glitter

Once this has been worked in your all done! And you should have something fun to play with that you can use again and again! 

Enjoy! Have you got any recipes you would share with me that are simple, educational and fun??