Giveaway; Want to be a yummy mummy?! Mummy workouts show us how!!

Struggle with childcare? Get back from work late? Feel like you haven’t got time to do anything at a set time but want to lose weight, tone up or just relax!? Me too!!
We have the solution!!!
To Enter click here- Competition is open worldwide and ends Saturday 12th September! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway are here to help! I was kindly offered a months membership in return for a review and so far we love it!! 
I was gifted a two week trial from mummy workouts to see what it was all about. As I am a lone parent and have a job trying to find time and energy to do anything once Erin has gone to bed is hard! Especially when all my friends are attending keep fit classes and I am unable to get a babysitter!
Signing up to Mummy workouts was a simple on page question set for you name and email address and then you receive a log in and password, which you are then all ready to go.
The Classes work in two ways you can either do live classes with or without your webcam on. These are aired at night so you can put your little one to bed, have dinner and complete the class and there are normally two different times for each class that are pre emailed weekly to you. If you have the webcam on you are able to talk to Tina and discuss the work out or any questions you have, or you can do a live class without webcam and just enjoy without feeling self-conscious. The other option is to watch the pre-recorded workouts, there are loads to choose from and you are able to do these at a time to suit you 24 hours a day, so if you prefer an early work out or want the kids to join in these are perfect especially as each work out is only 30 minutes long!
The Work outs range from gentle to strenuous so once you are given the all clear from your medical professionals to exercise you can ease yourself in gently with things such as Yoga for Beginners, Mindful Relaxation or Full Body Stretch. If you’re a bit more hard core and want to jump in at the deep end there are classes such as Wash Board Abs and Bodyweight Circuit!
So Far I have tried Stretch, Yoga and Bodyweight Circuit all of which are fantastic! I suffer with a really bad back that I go to physio’s to stretch and this did it all for me! Which is great considering these did a better job!! The Yoga is easy to do an even for inflexible people it is simple enough to do. Yesterday my daughter Erin (3) and I tried the bodyweight Circuit and I can’t tell you how much fun we had together! She was watching the moves on the computer and putting her own spin on them trying her hardest to do Squats and press-ups! There is one downside to working out with a 3 year old! This is what occurs every time I attempted a Press-up! But I suppose it all assists in the resistance training!! 

Mummy Workouts is currently offering a 7 day free trial for anyone interested Go to and you receive a weekly email detailing the classes available that week and what time they are running. The cost is normally;
1st month- £3.59 then £12 monthly 
4 Months Membership-£42
Annual Membership-£96 which equates to £8 a month! 
We have been lucky enough to give away a 3 Month Free membership!! Just complete the Rafflecopter below; 

a Rafflecopter giveaway