My baby girl is growing up-so she is having a driving lesson!

When you think of having a 5-year-old you never think for one minute they could drive you around in a car. Well, I didn’t anyway!

Erin has always been interested in what I was doing when behind the wheel in my car and how I was responding to the change in road conditions with different buttons and leavers. I knew she would love being in control of a car.

When I found out that “Young driver” enabled kids aged 5-17 to practice driving in real life conditions and cars prior to having a license, we jumped at the chance to attend!

There are different cars for different ages but Erin would be driving a firefly. A specially designed vehicle for safety with young drivers. The 20-minute lesson consists of a driving instructor taking them around for 10 minutes and then you have to brave being with your little one with them in control of you!!! The fact Erin kept telling me she was going to crash prior was a little bit scary!!!

We arrived at the NEC Birmingham onto one of the large car parks. We were greeted and showed to where Erin would be driving. There was a course set out with signs, cones and even a roundabout!! She was so excited. The areas that Young driver goes to are different and all across the UK. They go to a different place each month and return again a few weeks later.

Erin did so well at the driving part and at the end was issued her own driving license! She was loving it and even asked if she could drive me home! I did decline on this one!! You can see how we got on in our Vlog below, if you want to check out the prices and areas nearest to you and your child’s age head to Young Driver for all the details.