MAM Toothbrush, Snack pot & first cup review

When we were offered by popular baby brand MAM to test some of there products we were very excited

We chose- My first Toothbrush

                 Snack pot

                 My first cup 

The day our parcel arrived Erin was super excited to use the snack pot as she’s a big fan of eating her breakfast in the car as we leave to nursery early.

Erin chose cookie crisp for her breakfast and we even tested the snack pot with milk! The pot was easy to fill and stayed closed even when Erin was trying to open her section and is roomy for quite a lot of food. The milk didn’t spill when she held it but if it was on its side for a while it would leak (but the product isn’t made for putting liquid in!) it comes in three colours pink, green and blue and retails at  £5.99

My First Toothbrush was another hit in our household as Erin has a small obsession with brushing her teeth! We really liked the knobbles on the brush to help with little hands and the rubber texture ensured that her hands didn’t slip down, all of which is made from BPA free materials. We chose purple as its nice and girly but the toothbrush also comes in teal and yellow! The bristles of the brush were soft and not harsh on her little baby teeth and the size of the bristles were appropriate for babies and toddlers. One feature we love about the toothbrush is the ‘tongue cleaner’ not something I have found on little toothbrushes before but this really promotes good dental hygiene and is a novelty to stretch out the process for Erin! At £1.75 the toothbrush is an absolute bargain!!

Now in our house we have an issue with cups! They leak or the teat is never right…. Surprisingly with ‘My first Cup’ the teat was perfect! Not too hard and not too soft! The cup comes in  pink or blue, is BPA free and has a cute design on the front which was a hit in our house! At £.599 for a 190ml cup it isn’t a bad price. We liked the fact that even though the cup has a design on it, there was also a see through area to enable you to see the liquid and see when it is running low, We had one leak in this cup but I couldn’t decide if it was due to the way the lid was put on so we will let this one slide! 😉 other than that it’s a great cup and was a winner with Erin!


Thank you MAM for letting us test your wonderful products. Nb. We were sent these products in exchange for an honest review and all pictures and opinions are my own.