Kidecals- A solution to a long term toddler problem!

How many times have i looked at Erin’s feet when we are about to leave the door and her shoes are on the wrong feet and i want to freak because were already late and haven’t got time to be changing her shoes!

Erin has been able to put her on shoes on since the age of two, many time have i had to come up with clever ways of telling her that she needs to ‘keep the buckles on the outside’ or ensure the straps face out but sometimes its not enough. I needed a solution to this especially as she has just started school and has come out of school a few times after PE with the her shoes on the wrong feet!

when i was asked to review Kidecals i had a look at their website and was so happy when they had a solution to my problem! Stickers that go within shoes that make a rainbow picture when on the correct feet! genius! Erin loves stuff like this and loves putting pictures together. When i showed her the pictures she was amazed and loved putting the pictures together in her shoes!

Kidecals are an american company and at first this concerned me as i always have the worry about the postage and being charged for customs. I didn’t have a problem at all the parcel came promptly and was well packaged. The website is easy to navigate and has so many things for little ones including chalkboard decals, name stickers and keyboard stickers. Everything is able to be personalised and has so many designs, fonts and pictures available.

I really enjoyed the whole kidecals experience and being able to order so many great products, if you would like to order your own fantastic items head to