Lol Surprise- a special treat in every layer!

If you have a little girl in your life I am almost certain you will have heard of the new rage sweeping the nation-LOL Surprise dolls.

A LOL surprise is like a modern supersized kinder egg. There are 7 layers to the “big sister” and ” little sister” balls. Big Sisters are the main dolls that retail at £9.99 and little sisters are the secondary smaller balls that retail at £6.00.

The layers have “zips” of paper that you can unravel and find your treats. The first layer is stickers, second layer is the description paper. Third layer is the accessory, fourth is the clothes, fifth is the drink, 6th is the shoes and 7th is the doll itself.

Erin absolutely adores spending hours taking all of the sections apart- there is a lot of mess after this section!! This was only two balls worth-

The dolls are collectible and come in series. Erin has 3 big sisters and 1 little sister doll. She loves to look at the doll collectors sheet and work out which ones she has. She can also name most of them from the first accessory!! She’s obviously spending too much time watching unboxing videos!!! ?

LOL surprise dolls are this seasons Christmas gift! And things have got so much bigger in the world of LOL surprise! There are now games, a “fizz factory”, a Big surprise ball containing 50 surprises!!! And Lol Surprise pets.

As you can imagine most places are sold out for the Big surprise and the Surprise pets. Typically these are the two things Erin asked for “secretly” for Christmas and only confessed to my mum that she had secretly asked Santa for them!!!! Queue my panic!!!! I have managed to get a LOL Surprise Big surprise ball as they keep coming back into stock but the pet is becoming more and more difficult to get hold of! Hopefully they will have them In stock somewhere before the big man is due!

You can buy LOL surprise dolls from most reputable toy shops and many have stock due before Christmas.

If you want to check out our unboxing video click here: