Jones… so common we now have games named after us!

Now my Surname is a popular one many a time I get people asking if Erin & I are Welsh… no were not but Jones is one of those surnames that so many people have that they have even started making games with our surname on!
I have been sent Jones Happy families cards to try out with Erin and my word she thought It was hilarious to play- aren’t 4 year olds easily entertained!!


The game is made for anyone with the surname Jones and is a game of happy Families with the cards based on ‘mummy Jones, Daddy Jones, daughter Jones and Son Jones’ all of the cards have a comedy effect to them and have a little write up about which person is doing.
  The cards also play a game of go fishing and have instructions inside. The cards come in 24 other popular surnames so you can buy them as small gifts at Christmas or birthdays or even wedding favours if a lot of your guests fit into the surname band!
We really liked this quirky little game and is made by a lovely small family enterprise specialising in little special edition games, they are priced at £6.99 and are available at


A great little gift for a popular family!