Speedlink OBSIDIA Mouse- Supporting you while you work

When Matt and I work they are two very different things… Matt works long hours at a desk. I do my day job and come home and don’t want to spend more time at a desk so I end up sitting on the sofa with the laptop. This was something I didn’t want to continue doing in the new house as it does my back no favours. Let alone my thought processes!

When setting up the work space in the new office Matt and I wanted an extra screen, a large work space and a mouse.

Speedlink came to the rescue. Speedlink are ergonomic mice experts have released the new OBSIDIA mouse that will reduce wrist fatigue and painful tendon irritation. Therefore making our working set up better already for our health.

The New OBSIDIA is big enough to support the entire hand – with its thumb recess providing additional grip. For right-handers, the special shape is comfortable to use without the hand feeling tired. The mouse is thankfully plug and play so you can get to using it straight out of the box.

The Mouse features

– 5-button USB use

– Ergonomic right-handed design

– Thumb recess for additional comfort

– Pixel-precise optical sensor with adjustable accuracy from 800 to 3,200dpi

– dpi switch for toggling between four sensor settings

– Rubberized surface for comfort and a really secure grip

– Quick and easy installation – no additional drivers needed

– Cable length: 180cm/approx. 71 inches

When using the mouse it is simple to find out which bits do what, i am hopeless at technology so thankfully it was simple even for me! The only downside to the mouse is that it’s a little large so if you want to carry it around with you in a laptop bag it’s not very practical but I think it’s great for on desk!

The mouse retails at £29.99 and is available at Speedlink

Accidental Hipster Mum