Life in lockdown!

Hello lovely people in my phone… I haven’t written for what seems like an age because quite frankly I thought what was the point as the news seemed to take preference over everything in my life and I assumed the same for you guys. I hope you are all staying safe and staying at home.

Our life in lockdown has been quite up and down. Everyone in this house has coped very differently!

Edith- doesn’t give a monkey’s uncle about what’s going on- she just thinks it’s cool her big sister and daddy are at home as well as her mum. Therefore she’s living her best life and has a very small obsession with the sandpit and “Pway” (play) outside!! Other than that I have been scrubbing her clothes to get them back to baby pink as she drags herself round the garden as some form of entertainment!!

Why wouldn’t you pour sand all over your shoes?!

Erin- She has struggled the most, Erin suffers from major anxiety issues- she is (was) being tested for Attention deficit disorder(ADD) and part of her issue is major anxiety, her anxiety is quite irrational at times so her whole world turning upside down on her has royally stressed her out. Erin gets a tic when she’s anxious and she has it quite a lot at the moment. Fingers crossed when she gets her diagnosis she will be able to manage it better with the help of the hospital. She didn’t go to her dads for the first two weeks which again was something that changed in her life which unsettled her, but her dad thought it was for the best to protect her, since we have changed the plan back to normal due to her worries. Other than that she is also loving being outside and has produced some really great schoolwork.

Erin painting for her art lesson

Matthew-his normal self without a commute to work really!! Worked quite long hours still last week had a few days off but other than that pretty normal! Still leaving cups around and forgetting to take things up the stairs! He’s doing well 🙂 enjoying having to carry the kids on walks! He also let me cut his hair!! A first for everything I suppose!

Nothing like having to carry a 4.3ft 7 year old!!

Me- I’m alright, the first week was hell and one day I majorly struggled and nearly lost my mind, but if I’m honest I let my high expectations go. The house is a tip and I have ironing coming out of my ears!! I have been looking after my hair and skin a lot more than normal which is fab for me. I even went on a run last night which is unheard of! But I’m going to try and go every night as I can use this time to actually learn how to run!!! I am also loving our daily walks! They really break up the day!

Loving the warm weather! Hope it doesn’t go!!!

How are you getting on in this very strange world?