Whiter teeth without the appointments!

Who doesn’t want celebrity white teeth? Us mums rely too much on the caffeine of coffee and pop to be in the bright white brigade without spending a fortune!  In honesty it’s not even the money its being able to attend the appointments to have my teeth professionally whitened!

I have been lucky enough to test the true white whitening system which is peroxide free. The word peroxide always puts me off unless the treatment is completed by a professional. I had seen several bad reviews about the product which initially put me off but it appeared to be people not reading the instructions correctly and not carrying out the tasks properly.

In the packet there are two syringes, 4 gum shields which 2 are different sizes, a light including the batteries and an instruction booklet. The instructions are 7 steps in which simple easy to follow guidelines are set. The only thing I didn’t like about the process is the amount of time the whole thing took when they were actually being whitened. Luckily I was able to sit and do it whilst I watched some soaps and fit it into my nightly routine.

The kit worked really well for the money and was able to purchase at a reasonable cost from The product is made for two people so both you and your partner are able to complete the whitening for a special event and the cost of this for both is $198 but they do ship to the UK and the pack covers 25 treatments, you can see a shade change from day one and great results after treatment