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PCOS & Cancer… the truth

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Since I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20years old, I have had my fair share of appointments at the doctors. The only problem is they have never told me that I had an increased risk of cancers due to PCOS.

Ladies with PCOS are at 3 times higher risk of endometrial cancer, double risk of ovarian cancer and 3-4 times higher risk.

The cause of the increased risk are people with lack of periods so the endometrial layer becomes too thick and not ovulating can cause breast cancer due to hormone levels.

There is a way to lower your levels is to take the pill every few months to ensure that your womb lining is fresh. The other things you can do is ALWAYS go to smear tests to ensure you are safe. The last thing you need to do is check your breasts. Any problems or differences head straight to your doctor to get checked.

Although I have always had regular smears and doctors knew about PCOS no one told me about having to take the Pill. I was having severe pains for about 3 months. After being back and forth to the doctors I knew some thing wasn’t right. I went private and got a scan. I was told that my lining was so thick my body was trying to get rid of it. The doctor then asked if I took the pill? I said no. He told me the importance and was concerned about why I have never been told to. So from now on to reduce my risk of cancer I take the pill every few months to clear my womb lining. Not only does it stop the horrendous pain I was in but could potentially save my life.

Ways to reduce your chances of ovarian cancer and the links between pcos and cancer