Slow Cooker Solution! 3 Meals in one! 

When I was given the chance to review the 3 pot slow cooker from Bella I leaped at the chance. Three pots!! How exciting was that- I am able to cook more than one thing at a time in bulk!! Yay!!!

I received the item very quickly by using Amazon prime and got it all out ready for my spaghetti bolognaise. Not going to lie when I opened it my first impressions were… these pots are small. I don’t know if it was because I was used to my large one pot but went with it.

I prepped the veg and threw it all in the pot with the mince (I don’t brown my mince before I put it in as quite frankly I can’t be bothered). Both of the dishes were filled with the ingredients as I wanted to make a batch big enough to freeze. I then put pasta and water into the last compartment.

I turned the bolognaise pots onto low and the pasta one onto warm (I would then turn this to high when I got home to cook the pasta completely for 10 minutes).

When I got home everything was cooking nicely. I gave it all a stir. Dinner time came and I dished up our dinners. It was beautiful and I realised that there was enough bolognaise for two adults and a child in the one pot. My earlier dissolutions weren’t an issue. I had enough in the second pot to freeze and my pasta was also cooked so I was able to make the meal without even touching the hob!!! I love the Bella 3 Pot slow cooker and can’t wait to make more amazing meals out of it.