A Ball full of fun- Mega Globe Review

We recently booked a holiday to Greece and were lucky enough to have found a holiday with its own pool. As you can imagine both Erin and I were excited!!

I had been looking at inflatables to go into the pool before we went and even in places like Primark they were expensive for what they were. I then started thinking about room in suitcase and how taking something huge wouldn’t be very beneficial. Especially as Erin and I have a tendency to over pack massively.

When researching the hotel, I found that as it was a very small complex and not near anywhere there wouldn’t be any competition for prices so I was concerned about the prices they would charge (I was completely right to think this as we saw a very similar item to what we have for €20!!!!

I was extremely happy when we were asked to review the Brainstorm Toys Mega Globe. The Globe is an inflatable 50cm ball that is decorated as a globe. I had shown Erin and told her we were going to take it on holiday. I wasn’t overly sure if she understood the concept of what a globe was but I knew we would be able to teach her when it arrived.

Our verdict-

The ball came very neatly packed in a small box and was ideal to take away in the suitcase as it took up very little space. When we arrived in Greece it was one of the first things we unpacked and Matt blew it up. It took around 2 minutes to inflate and was ready to go. Erin loved looking at the countries on the globe and for a good 20 minutes before playing with it she asked where we were, where she had been before and where Matt and I had travelled to.

We then got the ball in the water- this is where the fun began. With Erin being 5 she struggles to catch small balls but was great at catching this as it was so big! She loved it. We spent many of our afternoons playing catch with the ball in the pool and it was really fun for us all.

The cost of the ball is £10.99 on Amazon. I think this is really reasonable especially for the size of the ball; its huge!!!! It’s definitely something we will take on holiday time and time again.