A Finishing touch…

Recently we have had an overhaul of Erin’s playroom, it was getting into a state of disrepair and looked shabby. As well as there not being enough room for her toys in the boxes we had there was nothing to finalise the room as hers.

We went to IKEA and got some furniture with much bigger boxes and went with a white and pink colour theme, the playroom was beginning to look much better everything was clean and fit nicely. The room seemed to lack something to make it more personal and homely. When I was asked by Charlotte Adcock designs to review one of her beautiful hand drawn pictures I knew I had finally found the key to the room. Charlotte asked me what types of things Erin was in to and she would design something and send it over. Erin being a huge girly girl and loving anything pink I confirmed she loved ballet and princesses. 

We awaited eagerly and the stunning picture came well packaged through the door. When I opened the package it was more than I have ever imagined and fit Erin’s personality perfectly! It came in a lovely white frame which matched her playroom furniture perfectly! The detail of the drawings and the fact it included Erin’s name was great. Erin loves the picture and takes great pleasure in telling me that the princesses are her! 

If you want your own beautiful piece head to-