Top ten Disney tips and tricks for the perfect trip!

With not many days to go until our next Disney World holiday. I thought I would post about my tips and tricks that I think are key for any Disney World Holiday!These are just a few little things that helped me with planning and going to Disney World last year.

1. Planning- First thing I would say is to plan plan plan. There are so many things in Disney that you can get the best out of if you plan. Several of my other tips and hints include forward planning so set aside time to plan and book things before you go.

2. Read the ‘Brits guide to Orlando’ they bring a new book out every year. It includes everything that’s new in Disney and other things in the area to do and see.

3. Download the ‘My Disney Experience’ App. You can book all your fast passes and restaurants on this app. The app also includes up to date waiting times for rides, maps and show times.

4. Book your restaurants 6 months before! I know it sound ridiculous but if you want to eat at the best restaurants (post coming soon!) then book in advance!

5. Ensure you book fast passes for the best rides (post also coming soon!) 30 days in advance as spaces for them go quick especially for larger groups. Note you can change fast passes up to the hour before you ride so it won’t hold you back!

6. If you have a child that either gets tired easily/goes to bed early and can still fit in a pushchair… take one! Erin gets so tired especially when its hot! She also sleeps in the pushchair as soon as it hits 8pm!

7. Book a Disney Hotel- now I think this is a must!! Disney hotels mean you can eat at other Disney hotels therefore you can meet characters that aren’t normally available and you get extra magic hours where the parks are open late and early for guests.

8. Look up child car seat laws- Erin is in a high backed booster at home but in Disney would need a 5-point harness.

9. Read Disney blogs! (you’re already doing this so your one step ahead!) but I read Disney blogs most days!

10. Try and see what is important for you to achieve from your trip- do you want to eat at great places, or meet specific characters? Find your niche and plan around it!

There will be lots more posts to come to get the best out of Disney for your trip so head to www.facebook.com/glossytots to keep up to date!

Top Ten Disney tips and Tricks for the perfect trip