Two Weeks and That’s that…

Last Friday Edith was two weeks old. As of today were on our own- Matt is back to work, he has had five weeks off in total with me as we were so lucky that Christmas was just before I gave birth.

I genuinely thought we would be fed up of each other by now but actually it’s been amazing. Matt is a fantastic Dad and has helped me no end, including sitting up with me during night feeds, getting everything I need and assisting during the day and most importantly cooking some amazing food (Which hasn’t done my diet any good!!).

But today were going it alone and I am not going to lie I am a bit scared. Normally I am on top of most things house wise and ironing etc. From now on I will be reassessing everything and figuring out my new way. Mostly I need to not spend every minute of the day snuggling my beauty baby and instead sharing my time between tasks and cooing over her.

I’m sure I will cope fine, Matt’s help and company will be missed immensely but he cant stay with me forever!

I am also going to use my time to get a bit of exercise in once I have dropped Erin at school and will do a power walk around our village, not only to shift this baby weight but because its important for both Edith and I to get some fresh air (no matter how chilly it is! Or that’s what I will keep telling myself anyway!).

Anyway I am sure I will adjust pretty quickly to our new way of life and fingers crossed it will turn out the way i want it to (HA! Yeah right!!). Any tips?!