Newborn Photoshoot with Dainty Photography

When I was pregnant I kept seeing all of these beautiful photo shoots of tiny babies. This made me regret not having tiny baby pictures of Erin. I waited until Erin was 4 months old to have pictures taken of her (which were beautiful) they just weren’t the same as the gorgeous newborn phase.

I follow a lovely lady called Amy at Dainty Photography on facebook and had seen her amazing newborn pictures on facebook, I really liked her style of photo. They were really beautiful and included black and white and some clever camera trickery to make the backgrounds look amazing. Amy was happy to work with us for review and I had the newborn mini package in exchange for an honest review.

Amy confirmed we needed to contact her as soon as Edith was born as she would ideally take her photographs before she was two weeks old as this is the best time to get them to settle into the poses. She was great with communication and answered any questions we had and even agreed to include some pictures of Erin too.

When Edith was born I contacted Amy and she was great with accommodating us for timings and we arranged our pictures for when she was 1 week old. Dainty photography is based in Telford Shropshire and took us around 30 minutes to get to. We fed Edie before we left and took a bottle with us just in case she figured something was happening and we needed settling.

I was worried about the pictures as when we took her clothes off at home she wailed and all of the pictures were ones without clothes on. As soon as we arrived Amy immediately put my mind at ease and explained that she has tricks to assist. She also told us not to worry if she had an accident without her nappy as it was really common.

The setting was really cosy and felt home from home, I took Edie’s clothes off and she began to get upset. Amy wrapped her in her blanket and we took things slowly, she was happy and we took her blanket off slowly. Amy has so much patience and was able to assist where possible. She took lots of pictures for us in the most amazing poses and even included Erin which was lovely.

The pictures speak for themselves and are absolutely stunning. The turnaround of receiving the images was superb and I had them all back by the Monday night. I would recommend Dainty Photography to anyone for all of your photography needs- From baby Photography to Pet Photography, they are all amazing.

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