Why do our kids trust us as parents?!

As my big sausage like fingers head to the cupboard and peel yet another of  Erin’s Easter eggs that I brought her from the cupboard, whilst making a mental I owe you, I open the egg and think why do our kids trust us?!! 

The blatant lies we tell our children on a daily basis are a little shocking- and I am the biggest culprit!!!
This months “fib” is we will take your Easter eggs and send them to the Easter bunny, this in turn stops Erin staring at them daily and asking me for them- but doesn’t help me with stealing them every ten minutes from her in return for buying them back the week later because I am desperate for a fix of chocolate!!!!
This made me think of other “fibs” we tell our children- Santa, Tooth Fairy, fairies, elves, Disney characters… Where do you stop and when do you tell them the truth?! 
If I think about it I wonder why children even trust their parents when they find out the truth about everything!! Is this the right way to do it? Is it for the best? Or should you just tell the truth? (Eating the Easter egg made these contemplations a lot easier!!)  
Does it enhance kids lives to believe? When we went to Disneyworld in January the fact that Erin believed everything was real brought me to tears- she was so overwhelmed which was so lovely to see her little face!! So in a way it made our trip more special and heart felt.
Santa- the big debate!!! Yes it’s magical and amazing and makes Christmas so much better! But when your child is told in the playground and breaks their tiny heart is it worth the heartache?? This is one I suppose I will have to deal with! 
The tooth fairy- not one I have had to deal with yet but I suppose another I will jump on the bandwagon with to help ease the tooth loss agony!! 
So many things to keep track of and to remember and wondering if I will gain back the trust I lose?! 
Do you guys think it’s worth the potential lack of trust?