It does get better as kids get older… if you have a 2/3 year old read on!

If you have read my blog before you will probably know that when Erin started school last year we had six weeks of tears. These became less frequent but her behaviour was fairly varied!!!

Erin hates change and although was quite well behaved she had her moments and ended up with 3 letters sent home from her teacher about niggly behaviours.

Well, what a difference a six weeks holiday makes!!! Erin has been a completely different child, not only at school but at home too!! We’re 3 weeks from the end of her second term and I couldn’t be prouder.

Her school work, attitude and behaviour has done a complete turn around. At parents evening her teacher told me she loves doing her work, she’s extremely polite- to the point that she goes out of her way to tell her teacher her hair looks beautiful, when she has it down!! ?

I am so happy she’s settled in. I was concerned that I would have a little monkey on my hands. I am beaming with pride as she’s so good at home now too. People comment on her behaviour and say how good she is. For the amount of change she’s had in her life and splitting her life with her dad and I she’s taken to it like a duck to water. It does get better as they get older! They listen they understand and the tantrums of 3 year old seem never ending.