Baby Led Fearing! What’s changed!

When Edith was nearly 4 months she decided that was that and she no longer wanted milk! Helpful eh as we were in Dubai at the time- long story short we went to the health visitor and she said go home and feed her 3 purées a day with pudding. That’s what we did and she loved it.

We have continued with purées with no issues until she hit 7 months and two teeth appeared! That was when the spoon became the devil! I don’t know what clicked but she didn’t like it anymore. I had tried her so many times with finger foods but I’m not going to lie it was bloody petrifying. She would just swallow whole lumps of food like it was purée without her gag reflex kicking in!

For two weeks I was absolutely petrified about what to do for the best, to watch her swallow food was awful as she would open her mouth and just squirm for minutes afterwards until it went down. I needed to Baby led wean and I needed to do it properly.

I managed to find BLW and Emmy on Instagram and she really helped! She sent me the differences between choking and gagging, she gave me meal ideas and answered any questions I had.

We started one day when I took the plunge with fairly soft food and I just let Edith get on with it! And to be honest it was hilarious! She had scrambled egg and peas! It was everywhere but she seemed to try and chew a bit more. We persevered and since that day she’s had mainly solid foods with a few purées to top her up with veg! Edie is loving life and loving food again which I am so happy about.

One of the best things I have bought to protect clothes is a Bibado Bib, they are quite expensive at £20 but it helps with keeping everything off her clothes and is completely waterproof.

I have even taken to making things I would never try normally such an omelette muffins and Pinwheels! Both of which she loved!

I get why people are so scared to Baby led wean and I think the health visitor should assist more, they didn’t even ask me what I was doing when she got to 6 months, I think it should definitely be taught. For example how to cut up certain foods etc. As I found the whole experience so scary.

Did you baby led wean? Was it scary for you?